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Welcome to the Colorado Belly Dance Events Site

To ensure your posting is not deleted, please read the instructions:


1) Check your date PRIOR to setting up.

Tentative Dates:

Feel free to reserve the date with 'tentative' in the title if you are actively setting up an event that is not yet confirmed but you are working on the details.

Do not reserve random dates.

Note that if we do not hear back from you in 2-3 months or the date is getting close, you will be contacted for an update.  The moderator will remove the date if no response within 7 days.

Once you know the date is not tentative or if you need to delete the date, contact the moderators to update the information at

2) If the date is already taken -- you MUST contact the other sponsor BEFORE entering your event and copy the moderators via email.  

Overlapping events will be noted with a number -- 1st event is 1, 2nd event is 2, etc.  This is to note who had the date originally reserved per the community decision.

Please note that if the moderators do not get an email showing your effort to contact the other sponsor, the event will be automatically deleted.  You can send this to

3) Enter your event. 

Select add event or appointment but ensure you chose the drop down to enter contact info.  If an event does not have contact info in it then it will be deleted.

REQUIRED FIELDS: Title, Contact Name, Contact Email and some info in the box.  

4) If you need to delete a date or update information, contact the moderators.

Please ensure you track what dates you entered!  If a date is no longer valid, ask to delete any incorrect, unused or cancelled dates as soon as you know.  The calendar will not be useful to anyone if it is not accurate and others may want to use the date.

If you need to move the date or make updates to your event, write the moderators.  The moderators may ask that you enter a new event if the changes are extensive.

Please send any change or delete info to


Is Your Event Appropriate for Colorado Bellydance Calendar?

 The calendar is for larger/public workshops, shows, events sponsored by bellydancers.

Events open to all, larger, in venues that can hold more than 25-30 dancers, not weekly, workshops, specialty classes, swaps, etc.

The site is for all of us in the state of Colorado. 

It is okay to put an event that is within 1hr of state but please do not put events that are far away as this is really meant to prevent local overlapping not track nationwide events.

Open to all styles of bellydance!!!

Example: Workshops with local or national instructors, student shows open to public, monthly shows, haflas.

Please do NOT post weekly, regular classes or restaurant type events as we cannot schedule around those.

The Event option has additional functionality for people to set reminders about your event!


 WAIT -- DID YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS as they have been updated!  Please read to prevent your event from being deleted.  Thank you!


      Please note that the moderators volunteer their time for this service.  Please follow the instructions to be respectful of the process the community has decided and assist in reducing the time involved in managing the calendar.


*Please understand that the pop ups do come with the free website.*